Facebook Interest Explorer and Audience Insights Discovery

I have been doing Facebook marketing for a while and only until recently that I found that I have wasted too much money and time on the campaigns.


Because I'm competing with all the other marketers for the same group of people and I spent too much time find the potential targetings.

The following is a very familiar interface to many of us, right?

We want to target some people from different interest groups and we try to find them in the ads manager

So are there really ONLY 25 interest groups available? Of course not, there are hundreds of hidden intereste groups on Facebook.

Watch the short video below and find out.



WOW, there are hundreds of hidden interest groups on the platform which are not available on the ads manager UI.

Facebook 25 most interest groups vs hundreds more from the bool


But why facebook doesn't make them available then?

I guess there are 2 reasons:

first, it maybe too crowded for the space and may scare away a lot of average campaign operators

second, I think Facebook just want all people to target all those 25 groups so there will be more competition and they can make more money

So find those hidden interest groups for your marketing before others do, get the tool right now by clicking on the button below with limited time offer


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Next, let's talk about another great tool: audience insights discovery


We all know facebook has constantly improving the ads manager and audience insights, which are two great tools. However still there are a lot of copy and paste we have to do before we can make it work the way we want.

For example, if you want to do some research on the audience insights and want to find out whether that page is targetable or not, you have to copy and paste the name to ads manager audience targeting area to find out.

Now I have developed a very easy to use tool and saved hours of work every single day. I now have more time concentrated on the real campaign optimization.


See to believe:



Here are just some simple steps:

Install the chrome extesion

you can click the picture below to the extension site

Pure Tech Facebook Interest Audience Discover




It is really easy and simple, right?

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